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Welcome to Adam Power Associates

The Banham Office is where it all began in 1983, when Adam & Diana bought Church Farmhouse at auction. Adam had quit his job in order to renovate the house while Diana was still working in Ipswich as Chief Chemist for Tolly Cobbold breweries. Working initially out of a caravan, then the partly renovated house and eventually from the converted dairy, the consultancy business gradually expanded and the additional offices were set up in Rickinghall and Snettisham as space for new staff ran low.

“The Rickinghall & Snettisham offices have become independent and Angus and James have formed a new consultancy, all retaining links to Banham. While Snettisham has a new identity under Jason Ford (4D Structural Ltd), James and Angus have formed Griffiths & Taylor Ltd (www.griffithsandtaylor.co.uk) in Diss with Rickinghall retaining the Adam Power Associates brand as Adam Power Associates (Rickinghall).”

While the Banham office will continue to operate, Adam & Diana are reducing their full time commitment in order to pursue other projects including a circumnavigation of the globe in their sailing Yacht Ocean Rival.