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The Windmill Suffolk

Photo courtesy of Beech Architects

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Some of the services we provide are listed below:

Domestic/Residential Properties (including extensions; internal alterations, such as removal of load-bearing walls; loft conversions; new-build properties)

Barn and Outbuilding Conversions (including traditional threshing barns, Nissan huts, poultry sheds, piggeries)

Listed and Historical Buildings (including appropriate repair and restoration methods and techniques; clay lump buildings)

Engineered Foundations & Retaining Walls (including raft foundations, basement designs)

Schools and Community Buildings

Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural Buildings (including steel portal framed buildings; grains stores; foundation slabs for silos/tanks; condition surveys)

Steel Stairs and Platforms (including staircases; industrial platforms; lifts and support frames for theatres)

Timber Footbridges (including curved bridges over lakes and ponds; access bridges)

Precast Concrete Structures (including headwalls and culverts; exposed lintels, beams and columns)

Structural Glass (including balustrades; glazed screens)

Offshore Structures (including analysis of offshore structures such as stabbing boards, mounting assemblies and transport skids)

We have extensive experience in the design of structures in timber, steel, masonry, concrete, structural glass and earth blocks (e.g. clay lump). The above list is not exhaustive, so please do contact us if you require a structural design not mentioned above.

Please click here to see some examples of recent projects we have worked on.